Trooper Adventures

A strange idea came upon me while I was getting ready for this trip.  I had planned out all of the photos I was using for the 365 project, but I ran across an idea for a photo that I couldn’t pass up.  I have a few Lego mini-figs and a few of the Doctor Who building block kits.  They use the same scale and interlocking system, so I thought, Why not combine them!  I thought it would be cute to have two of the Stormtroopers take off in the Tardis.

A Long Time Ago? let's test that! (P365-6-2)

With my travels, it was a great chance to take them along and take some shots of them in the Tardis in different locations and situations.  Thus, the Trooper Adventures was born.  When I get the chance to pull these guys out and let them have fun, I do.  They even brought along a friend!  Keep an eye out on the Flickr Set for more adventures.

Trooper Adventures - It looks so tall! Trooper Adventures - Repairs to make Trooper Adventure - Beach Landing Trooper Adventures - The Chase

Time is relative  on Flickr.Just a shot of my watch laying on my desk

Time is relative on Flickr.

Just a shot of my watch laying on my desk

Scarfs are cool.
I have been a very long time reader of a web comic called Real Life Comics.  I found the series back in probably around 2002, went back and read all past strips and then have been reading ever since.  Needless to say, I have been a big fan.  Unfortunately, I never really got into posting on some of the forums and fan groups because I just didn’t need yet another social site to try and keep up with. None the less, I love the strip and the work that Greg does.  Every now and then he would throw up a strip that nearly mirrors conversations that Sarah and I have had!  (Some of them almost verbatim).Well yesterday Greg posted about a charity auction that he was helping out with by donating his hand made 4th Doctor Who scarf!  Now, Sarah already owns a 4th Doctor scarf and loves it.  I have always been jealous of her massive warmth in who-dom.  So I got pretty excited about the potential to have my own that 1: Was hand made by someone who I am a big fan of, 2: helps out a great charity!
So Last night I sat and watched the timer tick down on the auction waiting for the price to skyrocket out of my range and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t!  For just over $200 I am now the proud owner of Greg Dean’s Hand Made Doctor Who Scarf!
Big thanks go out to Greg for making laugh on a (nearly) daily basis!
TARDIS Long Exposure pictures

Using the same technique I was talking about in my last post, I decided to take a good subject out to a good location and try again.  This time I went to one of the local Battlefield areas and found a great hill that provided an amazing view.  L st night the weather was nice and clear so there were some good stars out as well.

I opted for two styles of picture, the straight long exposure that I turned in a good B/W shot, and a colorful light painting shot.  For the subject, I used my ½ scale TARDIS that my son and I built.  The light painting was actually done with Sonic Screwdrivers as my son and his friend ran wildly around the TARDIS.

Overall I am happy with the results.  They aren’t HDR, this is just a single shot taken between 2-3 min long.  I fired the strobe once or twice on the outside of the TARDIS to give detail and then twice inside to give the light.  (Click for Flickr Link)

TARDIS at Night

Sonic Stars

Almost done with the Tardis!

Been a little while since an update due to my starting the new job.

While I was at work the kid Started in on the signs for the top.  Went for all wood and painted using a stencil.  If we go full size I will definitely look into getting signs made.

Also, I think I see a table saw in my future.  All of the cuts here were made with a handheld circular saw or a hand skill saw, and it shows. (and it makes me sad).  But hey, this small one was more meant for fun and learning!

So here is where we are now:

We stuck the front door sign (phone box sign) on with Lamination and sticky back.

Whats left is the Lantern, and Window framing, and then some touch up painting!

Bad Wolf Sun Shirt on sale!

Ok, it’s only kind of on sale.  I submitted to sites like Teefury, Ript, Shirt.Woot, and a few others but haven’t heard back or they came back with “That’s not really our style” (which makes no sense).  So I fell back on my back up plan since I would like to get some of these made and out before DragonCon.

With that, you can now get the Bad Wolf Sun from my mini shop at CafePress!  if anyone has any suggestions for a Print Your Own site tat is cheaper than CafePress please let me know.  I set the markup as low as I could get it (I think it’s at 1% so I get maybe $0.20 per shirt).

So please pass it on, you can get the shirt at:

See you at DragonCon!! 

Father Son 1/2 size TARDIS build

So, the wife and I have now made it through all of the new Doctors and I am slowly working my way through the classics, as well as catching up on Torchwood.

One of the thing that struck me was the Tardis.  I looked at it early on and thought…..I bet I could build one of those.  See, I love woodworking.  Especially odd ball stuff.  I designed and build a box for my cat to have his food and water in that we could see into, but the dog couldn’t get to it.  So I thought, “why not build a Tardis!”  Shortly afterwards my Son mention that we should do it as a team project.  Since he is prepping to join the military, I figured this was a good bond type of thing for us to do.

So, here we are.  For the last two months I have been browsing the forum, looking at everyone’s builds and gaining inspiration.  I know that I would have a few days off from work (just switched jobs) and it would be perfect timing for this build.  I eventually want to build a Full scale box but wanted to start small and get ideas.  This will help me build the larger one when it comes time.

So we started Wednesday and I made a point to try and take pictures along the way.

Since this is a 1/2 scale (ish) we started with a simple base frame:

We opted to have the walls be plywood (1/4 inch thick) and cut out the squares.

Sonic Screwdriver says Math is Hard!

Cutting out the squares:

Our Corner pieces are 4x1 inch paired with a 3x1 inch, 4 feet long:

With the walls attached (doors are just leaning)

And here we are after today.  Doors attached and everything mounted on the base:

So Thursday we got the backings on all the panels and added a roof to brace for when we add the tiers (and to hold everything in place.

Also, First Blood happened.  I almost always bleed somehow on every project.  Thankfully it’s only a small puncture.

You may also notice that the top is a tad shorter.  We cut off about 3 inches to solve the tall top problem.  our sinage will be about 3 inches tall so we should have maybe an inch of overage.

A big lesson learned here would be to save the door attachments until after the top is on.  We now will need to take the doors off and trim them up a bit as they stick when opening.  (Through warped wood or being 1/4 inch off.)  That’s one of the downsides to working small scale. even 1/4 of an inch can cause HUGE problems.  

Next stop, Lowes to pick up wood for the Signs and Roof!  I think we may look at doing a flat roof instead of the slanted as in 1/2 scale the difficulty curve is pretty high.


We painted on Saturday and that means some outside time.  I am so glad my shop is downstairs in the basement where it’s nice and cool.

So here’s where we are now: Took the doors off and started painting the main body, first coat.

While that was drying (and the wife helped with the second coat) the kid and I went down to build the roof.  here it is sitting on the top. (Not the actual lantern that will be used)

I bought some pre-cut plexi for the windows and left the frost plastic on them.

So that leaves us with the Signs, Window frames, and Lantern for the top.

I opted to not do the Phone box on the side door because of the material we are using being very thin and the overall size being very small.  On the plus side, the whole thing is extremely light!

Version 2.0 of the T-Shirt design.  Changed some of the spacing and sizing of letters and added the top to the Tardis.  This should be a much cleaner version.  Also, PNG with transparent BG!

Version 2.0 of the T-Shirt design.  Changed some of the spacing and sizing of letters and added the top to the Tardis.  This should be a much cleaner version.  Also, PNG with transparent BG!

Just submitted this gem to TeeFury.  Not sure if they will run it or not.  May make a few just for myself though.

Just submitted this gem to TeeFury.  Not sure if they will run it or not.  May make a few just for myself though.

4+ years of Fandom

For many years I have held a secret. Something that many of my friends would gasp about and possibly revoke my Geek card. It’s been no secret that I am a huge Sci-Fi fan. I own more props, costumes, wall art, toys, etc. than most people (except other geeks like me), but there is something that I had never done that causes most geeks to shiver down to their internal power core.

I had never watched Doctor Who.

Sure, I knew what a TARDIS was, and I was familiar with most of the mythos due to most of my friends being huge fans, but I had never actually seen a single episode. So while browsing through Netflix streaming the other day I noticed that all of the new series (2005-current) was available. I had heard from various friends that if I were to start somewhere, that the 2005 stuff was the way to go. I realize that some purists would say that I should encounter all incarnations of the Doctor, but we are talking baby steps here people!

This is not to say that I won’t go back and watch some early stuff. Since undertaking this task of cramming 6 years of TV into my head, I have already watched 1 story line of the 4th Doctor, and 1 from the 5th, but this is about the newer series that I am going full steam ahead with. That’s not even a joke. A week and a half ago we started with the Christopher Eccleston episodes and have been watching every night, and most of the weekends to catch up to the current Matt Smith seasons. Both Sarah and I have become incredibly addicted to the series.

You may think that this is a good thing, right? Lots of people enjoy The Doctor! Problem is that when I dive into a series like this, I dive into the deep end and keep swimming down. Because of this, I have been stuffing, not only the TV information, but (currently) 4+ years of Who Fandom into my noggin. Catching up on props, T-shirts, costumes, videos, etc.. It’s almost maddening, but I love it so much! I am even now drafting plans for the building of a full scale TARDIS. I have the tools and the space, and I love woodworking, so why not?

So what about the shows? Well, I agree with all of those who told me to start with the 2005 series. The pacing on them are much more up to date with current shows. I went back and watched a few of the older shows and it just seems so much slower and wooden. I will work my way through them slowly but I really love the new format. As far as Doctors go, I really feel bad for Christopher Eccleston. He was a great Doctor and should have been given more time. it was pretty clear that they used him to springboard off of and show that the regeneration of the Doctor is still ongoing. CE was also a great tie in to the older shows as he took that campy brit humor and ran with it (and holy cow, the hair!). We have just finished up with Season 4 and the end of the David Tennent run. I liked DT as a Doctor and he certainly added a lot of the genius ramble to the character, but I think that CE will remain as “My Doctor”.

Which brings us to where we are now. We watched the first episode of season 5, the Matt Smith Doctor. It is way too early to decide my feelings on him. He certainly has that campy but modern feeling down. Time will tell. In the meantime, look for progress posts on the various builds I am doing and well as follow along as I dive deeper into a fandom that spans almost 50 years!