Shot for the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge:

I spent Friday evening at a friends place for dinner.  He wanted to do a simple BBQ and I thought it would be the best opportunity to get some fire shots.  The down side is that no one thought to bring any lighter fluid!  After many tries to get the pit started with paper towels and newspaper, I finally relented and went to the local store to get some starter fluid.  When I got back I created a massive ball of flame out of the pit (there were a few lines of “Am I missing an eyebrow?).  Unfortunately none of those picture came out very well.  I did like how simple this one ended up.  Just a lone flame off to the side of the pit.  Thank god for my zoom lens, that fire was HOT!
Nikon D5100Tamron 18-270mm LensF61/80 sec.ISO-1600185mm

Gizmodo Shooting Challenge 1/1000th

For this challenge I wanted to capture something in extremely fast motion. I knew I was going to the driving range with family so I thought the impact of a golf ball would be perfect. Unfortunately this is a lot harder to capture then you would think, and a golf club is moving a lot faster than what 1/1000 can catch. This picture took roughly 600 shots to capture, out of them I had only 4 shots that even featured the club. Eventually my father in laws arm got tired and we had to start cycling through the family to keep hitting balls. The lucky winner was my wife with this shot.

Driver near impact

There was one other picture though, This was the shot that I didn’t choose because there was a bit too much blur.

Driver Impact