Bad Wolf Sun Shirt on sale!

Ok, it’s only kind of on sale.  I submitted to sites like Teefury, Ript, Shirt.Woot, and a few others but haven’t heard back or they came back with “That’s not really our style” (which makes no sense).  So I fell back on my back up plan since I would like to get some of these made and out before DragonCon.

With that, you can now get the Bad Wolf Sun from my mini shop at CafePress!  if anyone has any suggestions for a Print Your Own site tat is cheaper than CafePress please let me know.  I set the markup as low as I could get it (I think it’s at 1% so I get maybe $0.20 per shirt).

So please pass it on, you can get the shirt at:

See you at DragonCon!!