Scarfs are cool.
I have been a very long time reader of a web comic called Real Life Comics.  I found the series back in probably around 2002, went back and read all past strips and then have been reading ever since.  Needless to say, I have been a big fan.  Unfortunately, I never really got into posting on some of the forums and fan groups because I just didn’t need yet another social site to try and keep up with. None the less, I love the strip and the work that Greg does.  Every now and then he would throw up a strip that nearly mirrors conversations that Sarah and I have had!  (Some of them almost verbatim).Well yesterday Greg posted about a charity auction that he was helping out with by donating his hand made 4th Doctor Who scarf!  Now, Sarah already owns a 4th Doctor scarf and loves it.  I have always been jealous of her massive warmth in who-dom.  So I got pretty excited about the potential to have my own that 1: Was hand made by someone who I am a big fan of, 2: helps out a great charity!
So Last night I sat and watched the timer tick down on the auction waiting for the price to skyrocket out of my range and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t!  For just over $200 I am now the proud owner of Greg Dean’s Hand Made Doctor Who Scarf!
Big thanks go out to Greg for making laugh on a (nearly) daily basis!